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Aft Crew Quarters and Wing Deck Berthing Compartments


In the mid-50’s the berthing was “officially” listed at 252 bunks.  Of course, we all know that some enterprising sailors created their own sleeping accommodations in various locations aboard ship.  In general, the breakdown was:

Crew 12 Compartments (wing deck) approx 9 persons/compartment
Troops 12 Compartments (wing deck) approx 9 persons/compartment
Crew/Troops Aft Berthing Compartment approx 100

This arrangement permitted bunking for 9 crew officers, and 108 crew enlisted.  The troop accommodations were for 9 senior officers, 9 junior officers, and 116 enlisted.  During the mid-50’s, many of the LSTs had about 6 officers and about 90 enlisted persons comprising the crew.      

The ship’s crew/troop compartments were approximately 23 ft x 9 ft, and with the crew compartment in the aft-section having an average size of 35 ft x 36 ft.  The enlisted personnel bunks were a rectangle formed of tubular metal construction, had a strong canvas with grommets a few inches smaller than the frame dimensions lashed by a line (rope) to the metal frame, and a 4-inch cotton-filled mattress laid on top.  The crew’s bunks were grouped in tiers of 3 bunks high, suspended in hangers on the bulkhead, and by chains on the inboard side at the head and foot ends.  All 3 bunks could be folded up, in unison, toward the overhead (ceiling) and held there by means of a hook.  The phrase used would be to “trice-up” bunks, and it provided more compartment room during non-sleeping hours.  Each crew compartment had 3 sets of 3-tier bunks per compartment, mounted on the outside bulkhead (wall).  On the inner bulkhead, the lockers were mounted, with some of the deck (floor) space being used up by motor-generator sets (MG sets), etc., and the ductwork and electrical cabling were mounted on brackets to the overhead.

First picture is the metal label on a troop compartment (explanation of labels).  Second and third pictures are of a wing deck berthing compartment and lavatory. (click for larger picture)


Label for this compartment. Wing deck lavatory. Wing deck berthing compatment.


The bunks in the aft compartment were in all likely hood arranged in four sections.  One row along each bulkhead (starboard and port), and two double rows mounted to the stanchion rows in the center area of the compartment.  (4-tier was 116 bunks;  3-tier was 75 bunks).


First picture is the metal label on the aft crew compartment (explanation of labels).  Second shows the aft crew compartment.  The original bunks have been removed and replaced by the Hellenic Navy. (click for larger picture)  

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